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GlORIFY HOTELS  is a hospitality startup, which provides hospitality consulting, revenue management, operations management and property management to hotels, resorts, Restaurants and Banquets.
Glorify Hotels helps customers to find hotels and resorts at competitive prices. Whereas, asset owners and vendors

 are able to fill there their occupancy gaps with the help of us.


 Unbranded hotels can obtain the same economies as branded hotels with the management services that we offer.

We Offer One Stop Solution

Hospitality Consulting

  • Glorify hotels can provide consulting services in all departments – Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, including applying and implementing standards and procedures.

Pre-Opening and Development service

We have extensive experience in all areas related to hotel development. The services we provide are unique for each project we undertake and are designed to meet our client’s specific needs.We provides technical services and assists owners to develop their property to the highest quality levels

Operations Management

At Glorify Hotels, we can take on a full or partial operational role as required, including some or all of the following:

  • Operate and Manage the Hotel and Restaurant on behalf of the Owner.
  • Implement and follow-up of Standard Operating Procedures for all departments.
  • Prepare and submit to Owner the Operating Plan, Business Plan and Budget for each Operating Year, complying with Legal Requirements and Approvals and Insurance Policies.
  • Establish all prices, price schedules, rates, rate schedules, negotiate and administer all requirements for health, security.

What our customers say

Rahul Gupta


“Great support by glorify hotels, I am getting surge in bookings”


South Delhi

“Analytical detail report is very helpful”

HOTEL 104 By Glorify hotels

GEM 92 By Glorify Hotels



Our Properties are following all covid  compliances 

Free masks and Gloves

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